How Effective are Laptops and Tablets when Compared to Notepads

The point of going to school is to update yourself with the current information on the essential and relevant subjects in life. Although disciplines like history are still in the syllabus, most of what students learn is associated with the future. Technology is among the things that we all have to keep in our corner. Laptops and tablets are some of the best things that technology has brought forth.

If students start using them instead of the usual notepads, there are a lot of benefits that they stand to gain. However, every little thing has its downside.

The Effects of Using Laptops and Tablets in School

Here, we shall look at the merits and demerits of using laptops and tablets. This will make it easy to decide whether to use just a notepad in class or invest in a good laptop for class work.

  • Merits

One of the main advantages of using a laptop instead of a notepad is that it makes the work of a student very easy. Typing is much faster than writing. A student can learn how to type much quicker than they can write. That makes them able to take more notes in class than they would if they were using a notepad.

A laptop gives you access to many features that can help you study. For example, you have access to the internet, which is usually a sea of information on any topic you would like to learn. Therefore, the teacher can just refer students to a book that they need to read to get specific details.

Using laptops or tablets in school buy personal statement also prepares you for the work-life. You will be required to use a laptop in almost every office that you work in in the future. The more you learn about laptops and how to operate them, the better suited you will be for the job market.

  • Demerits

When you write on a notepad, it is quite hard to forget what you wrote. Writing something down engages your mind more than typing it. Students who learn through writing would be at a disadvantage here.

Technology comes with uncertainties. Since a laptop is a machine, it could crash or become non-responsive. That could disrupt learning, and you could also lose everything you have saved on your laptop. When you use a notepad, you will have your notes forever if you want to. You could also accidentally delete an important file on your laptop.

Is it Effective for Students to Use Laptops and Tablets instead of the Usual Notepads?

When you weigh the merits and the demerits of using laptops and tablets in school, you’ll see that the merit side is more substantial.

Technology should liberate us from the old days of doing everything manually and give us better ways of making things happen. Students would do so much better with access to laptops.